The Beau Ideal

beau ide·al

\ˌbō-ī-ˈdē(-ə)l, ˌbō-ˌē-dā-ˈäl\

Definition of BEAU IDEAL

: the perfect type or model


Beau Ideal develops and funds programs designed to improve the quality of life for kids in at risk communities, individuals and families. We accomplish our mission by engaging the fashion, arts, and media communities along with individual and corporate donors in charitable events and acts of benevolence.


Beau Ideal is recognized as an innovator in fund raising, one of the nation’s top rated philanthropic organizations, and the leader in connecting people looking to make a significant impact in the world with opportunities to do so.


Compassion, love for humanity, benevolence, integrity, credibility, excellence, professionalism, innovation, and going against the grain are in Beau Ideal’s DNA. In every endeavor these character traits are pursued and demonstrated.

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