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Beau Ideal CEO Ken Patrick is a entrepreneur, philanthropist, and humanitarian. For over twenty years he has served the community inspiring individuals to reach their God-given potential and live out their God-ordained purpose. His personal motto is “Live For Impact!”

Using what he calls the Russell Simmons business model Ken started Beau Ideal with the idea of creating a profitable company that would empower him to live his philanthropic dreams. He tells his staff regularly “our entrepreneurism should fuel our philanthropy. Profits provide opportunities for us to do good things for people.”

Ken’s Pink and Blue Revolution was inspired by the Beau Ideal brand colors. While looking at his business card one day he had an epiphany. Noticing that Pink is the color of Breast Cancer Awareness and Light Blue is the color of Prostate Cancer Awareness, he knew that his company must champion these causes. He immediately sat down and begin to plan the launch of what he calls the Pink and Blue Revolution. He would launch it on his 42nd birthday – November 25, 2011. Not only did he realize that he had to begin a movement that would transform lives, he knew he had do it in such a way that it would draw the attention of Chicago and eventually the nation.

As a result he is leading the effort to raise $10,000 to fight cancer. The money raised will be donated to Susan G. Koman For the Cure and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Chicago. Details are being kept hush, hush as the strategy and logistics are being fine tuned. Ken promises that this will be the biggest charity event in Chicago fashion history.

Stay tuned!

For more details, or to join the movement email Ken at

Follow the movement on Twitter @iampinkandblue

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